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Portimão is a pretty city with a modern structure. It has almost anything a party crowd could ask for: beach and disco! There are two things that always come to the mind of people thinking of Portimão: Praia da Rocha (Rocha beach) and the Katedral disco.

Animation, sunshine, shopping and sardines! This is Portimão!… One of the best streets for shopping is Rua do Comércio (“Commerce Street” – the name says it all), a pedestrian mall which begins from the old market square near the parish church in the highest part of town.

There is also a straight connection between the fishing activity and the Portimão port. Don’t be surprised if you see many tourists looking for the unique taste of grilled sardines on the old Portimão quay, where they are only washed in the sea and grilled on charcoal.