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Silves was conquered by Abd-al-Aziz in 713 aD, and remained under islamic rule until the middle of the thirteenth century. At that time it was taken over by Dom Paio Peres Correia, master of the St. James Order. King Dom Sancho I, aided by Crusaders travelling to the Holy Land, reconquered the town in 1189. However, the Christians only remained in Silves for about two years.

Silves’s commanding position made it the ideal fortified settlement. Above the town, the red walls of the impressive castle stand out against the skyline. This is really our favorite feature in Silves. The castle offers superb views of the town and countryside from the massive, polygonal ramparts. It’s one of the most beautiful town belvederes and a place where you can enjoy romantic atmospheres.

Make sure you also enjoy the public spaces the city has to offer. Gardens, squares, restaurants and cafés set in a historic city to suit your needs. Welcome to Silves!