The name Alcoutim is thought to come from the roman word Alcoutinium, given to this area during the Roman occupation. Very close to Spain, Alcoutim still keeps its traditions alive: the traditional handcraft (for many years its source of revenue), the flower arrangements, the bobbin lace, the weaving, pottery and ceramics, basketwork and the ‘medronho aguardente’ (firewater) that are some of the famous handicrafts of its people.

Away from the bustle of the beach area, with the Guadiana river winding through the waterside villages, Alcoutim gives one a nostalgic feeling with its beautiful landscapes, river side orchards and orange plantations.

Food here is very different from that of the coastal regions, being based on pork and lamb, olive oil and homemade bread. Beans, broad beans and peas are also very much used and may be tasted in delicious hunting dishes made of hare, partridge and wild boar.