The beaches, the pureness of the waters and the immensity of its landscapes make visitors want to come back to revisit Sagres.
Main attractions?… Where should we start? Sagres is the sportsmans paradise. The fishing activity attracts thousands of visitors especially between December and April; surf, windsurf, bodyboard, diving and big game fishing find here some of the best conditions in Portugal; botany lovers can see some species unique in the world. Sagres is a never-ending story of excitement and entertainment.

The climate is mild and moderate on the winter and, being a cape inside the water, the temperature is controlled by the sea.
Sagres is also famous for its St. Vincent Cape. Here you stand before the cape of the world, where the land ends and the sea begins. It’s impossible to describe the importance of this place and the amazing sensations it can show you. On stormy days, with the rage of the waves, it’s worth staying there a bit longer and just looking at the show they perform. Go back to the Age of the Discoverers and imagine the caravels trying to cross the St. Vincent Cape on stormy days. Back then, sailors thought all that anger was due to the Gods and therefore this Cape has long been connected to mythology.
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