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Armacão de Pêra

Armação de Pêra was originally a small fishing village where tuna used to be caught and brought up onto "Fishermen’s Beach”.
The net that the fishermen used to catch the Tuna in was called "Armação" and as it is very close to "Pêra", the village was named Armação de Pêra.

The resort boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve with pretty coves around the coastline and there is an excellent choice of fish restaurants, especially in the "Fishermen’s Beach" area.
It is a great place for a relaxing holiday and has that certain something about it that you will really love. There is a promenade along the beach where you can find a Casino, a mini-golf course and some belvederes.

The beach of Armação de Pêra is perfect for children as it is very calm and the slope is gradual,and in the daytime the fishermen will take holidaymakers for a trip along the coastline where you can see the fascinating rock formations, caves and grottos.
Also in the area there is the tiny Romanesque Chapel of "Senhora da Rocha" (Our Lady of the Rocks), which is where fishermen used to pray before setting off for a night’s fishing. This is apparently the area where there was a vision of the Virgin Mary.