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Olhão is Algarve’s main fishing port. There are really no major attractions on this small location, so why did we decide to talk about it?… Well, Olhão has that certain something that can only be felt by those who eventually choose to visit it. Although quite small, this location has a variety of little things that will, for sure, pander to your delights.

In the summer, Olhão is stage for the famous “Festa do Marisco” (literally “Shellfish Party”). This party is made of many stalls where visitors can taste all sorts of fish dishes at a very reasonable price, while they listen to the performances of singers and bands.

From all these things we would like to point out the colourful fishing boats on the waterfront, the busy market with an exceptional variety of fresh seafood for sale, the quality low-price restaurants and the enchanted sand-spit islands of Armona and Culatra (make sure you don’t miss them!) that one can reach by taking the ferry that leaves from the pier on the seafront.