The Algarve Weather

With a wonderfully mild climate, the Algarve is the most famous tourist destination in Portugal. This paradise on earth has some of the best weather conditions in all Europe, being perfect for all sorts of activities any time of year.

The blossoming almond trees in January welcome a long spring, followed by a sunny beach summer and an orange and pomegranate coloured autumn. A real year-round destination!
In fact, the Algarve is in a privileged position in Portugal and is one of the most stable climates in the world. Rarely facing rainy days, this region counts on water temperatures around 21/22 degrees Celsius in summer time.

Due to its geographical position, the Algarve is influenced by the European continent, by the north of Africa and both by the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans.
The lowest and highest temperatures are located between the 15 and the 31 degrees Celsius and it would be a miracle if you could ever see negative temperatures in “THE” Algarve in wintertime.

A sunny day spent at one of Algarve’s beaches is hard to beat. After taking a dip in the sea and a delicious fresh sea-food lunch at the sea front, you may practice some golf at one of the fantastic golf courses spread around this southern sunny region, try out a new water sport, or visit one of the Algarve’s cultural attractions.

There are many activities you may try out and the Algarve offers a wide choice of them all year round. During winter, indulge in a pleasant hike, a sunny winters day spent close to the beach or enjoy one of the multi-cultural organisations in the main city of Faro. These are only some of the many things to do in the southern region of Portugal during the colder months.

This is just one of the reasons why tourists from northern Europe keep coming back in the search for nice sunny days.

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