Albufeira – Nightlife, sunshine, beaches and lots and lots of animation are just some of the guaranteed features of Albufeira. Here the life has the rhythm of a tourist metropolis and, as the sun goes down, meet the sun lovers at the many discos, restaurants and bars.
Sports are also a good reason to come and stay in Albufeira. Tennis, golf, water sports and much more make the delights of the most demanding sportsmen.

Best known for the sea, the famous beaches and the incredible tones of the rocks and cliffs, Albufeira is very different just a few kilometres inward – almond trees, fig trees, pines and orange-trees sprinkle the landscape of green!
The whole area, greater Albufeira you could call it, is the most tourist-intensive place in Portugal. It has very little to do with the real Portugal, or with the real planet earth for that matter, but people come here in droves and have the time of their lives.

The name Albufeira came from the Arab “Al-buhera”, meaning “castle of the sea” and it was used as a defensive stronghold for the Arabs. Nowadays, the only thing it can protect you from is sunburn or a hangover from too much partying!

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