The people of the Algarve

The Algarvians are friendly and hospitable people. Having dealt with different cultures for many years, people from the Algarve have a tolerant and relaxed attitude to visitors. What you’ll find here are some of the friendliest people in the world.
The Algarve is different from the rest of Portugal. Its climate is different, its vegetation is different and so is the charming character of its people.

In villages of squat lime-washed cottages topped by ornamental latticed chimneys old women wearing felt hats hide from the sun under black umbrellas. Fishermen paint their boats in colours as bright as the spring flowers on the cliffs. Two donkey carts cause a ‘traffic jam’. At this pace of life even the most stressed businessman soon unwinds.

For centuries fishing has been intimately linked with life in the Algarve. Wherever you go on the coast you’ll be alongside fishermen, either the crews of small boats that work just offshore or trawler men who go far out into the ocean in pursuit of the big shoals.
Although the ocean is the Atlantic, the feel is Mediterranean. Modern technology and European Union membership has brought many improvements to the infrastructures and amenities of Portugal and its southern coastline. Yet much of the old fashioned charm and customs of Algarvian life still prevails from the early morning fish auctions to the colourful weekly street markets.
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