Time & Water Information

Portugal specifies time according to the 24-hour clock which can be quite confusing for those who are accustomed to 'am' & 'pm'. See the clock on the right for a simple conversion.

Portugal maintains Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) as summer time. Therefore, you need not change your watch if arriving from the UK. GMT is normally one hour behind CET.

Clocks are put forward one hour on the last Sunday of March and back one hour on the last Sunday of October, according to the rules of the European Union.

Drinking tap water in the Algarve Region, in the south of Portugal
The public water supply in the Algarve Region conforms to all EU regulations and is safe to drink. Because it’s hard water, high in minerals, and chlorinated, it has a different taste to other parts of Europe.

Many residents of the Algarve buy bottled water for drinking and tap water for other uses.

Our suggestion is to install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System that removes 99,9% of all contaminants in the water. Because it also removes all minerals add a mineral cartridge to your system which is replaced annually and gives perfect clean drinking tap water, with the perfect mineral balance and PH.

No more carrying plastic bottles and all the other benefits of having your own perfect water supply, with better quality than most bottled waters.