Disabled facilities in the Algarve

Much progress has been made improving the facilities for the disabled, but even so the Algarve is not particularly renowned for this.
Lifts and ramps are an increasingly common feature in buildings throughout Portugal. More and more hotels have rooms adapted for disabled people.

All public transport used on urban routes has four seats reserved for people with walking difficulties, but there is no access for the users of wheelchairs.
The blind may travel with their dogs if they are on a leash and wear a muzzle. They can also travel with their dogs at no extra cost.
Some rent-a-car companies have automatic and specially adapted vehicles available for hire.
At the airport disabled passengers are boarded on to planes before children and all the other passengers. At the aircraft door you will need to transfer onto a narrower aisle-chair so the assistants can get you to your seat - therefore an aisle seat is best. This is an excellent policy and is used by all airlines, unless of course, you check-in/board late.
Faro Airport caters well for disabled people, with good elevators and toilet facilities.